Design Services: PowerPoint Slides & Template Systems

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How can we help you?

  • save time to focus on presentation content
  • stop fighting the PowerPoint, leave it to us
  • enjoy the professional look of Your presentation
  • create presentation from scratch, from your notes
  • improve existing slides by graphical makeover
  • designing corporate PowerPoint templates and slide-decks, that will save hours for your team

Have only a presentation idea or draft, no slides yet?

Do you have only a source text without the presentation?

Presentation design from scratch

We will design a new PowerPoint presentation from provided materials (texts, pictures, webpage content, sketches). We will propose a structure and several graphical styles to choose from.

Need beautification of existing slides?

Do you need to facelift presentation content you already have?

Slides design of existing slides

We will redesign your presentation based on selected style, your branding and latest trends. We will propose you several graphical styles to choose from.

Want new PowerPoint template and visualization system?

Ensure consistency of all presentations in your company and easy creation of new slides.

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PowerPoint Template & Slide-deck Design

We create and revitalize new PPT Templates, Master slides and layouts, following on your visual identity. We properly preset all PowerPoint element for smooth and consistent work with new template by its users.

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