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Training Courses: Slide Design & Advanced PowerPoint, Data Visualization

Learn how to design quickly eye-catching, readable & professional presentations.

  • Speed up your work with PowerPoint – advanced level tricks and design hints
  • How to replace heavy text slides with vivid visuals?
  • How to make infographics in a minute using only PowerPoint?
  • How to visualize data properly?
  • How to choose colors and professional pictures for your slides?

Join & learn on our training courses.

Upcomming events:

  • Slide Design: Making Effective Visual Slides – advanced PowerPoint. 3 days for 4 hours. 
  • Data Visualization: Attractive Charts and Tables in PowerPoint. 2 days for 4 hours.
Check the next dates below.

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What you will learn:

  • How to think visually and apply it in your presentation
  • How to create diagram infographics from plain text slide in minutes
  • What makes slides look professional and readable
  • What is a diagram, its benefits, types, and when to use what type
  • Data visualizations essential for readable charts, tables, and KPI presentation
  • Sharing keyboard shortcuts
  • Revealing hidden PPT functions for faster work
  • Designing tricks, work habits and resources
  • Exercising new skills during the workshop with our direct feedback
  • Work on your slides possible
  • Design essentials for professional slides look, also for non-designers
  • What are trending styles in presentations and what is outdated
  • How to select strong pictures for your slides and where from
  • How to make your presentation stand out

Example slides from our training

For courses in Polish language, see here: Szkolenie PowerPoint.

Other training: Exclusive, customized for you and your company

Courses for your team, on your presentation slides. Time and format adjusted to your needs:

  • personal coaching  on-line, working on your slides, interactive tasks (2-6 hours)
  • live course for your team with screen-sharing, working on your company templates, 2-3 hours a day for a week or 1-2 full days
  • at your place – anywhere in Europe, as soon as pandemic lock-downs are over


Interested? Contact us and ask for training details.


Workshops are led by Iza and Peter, chief designers and founders of Prezentio agency and infoDiagram marketplace. They will be sharing their 15+ years design project experience. 

Join companies we have trained: CBRE, Credit Agricole, Gedeon-Richter pharmaceuticals, Hill & Knowlton PR agency, Sitech – Volkswagen group, Mercer, RedBull.