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4 Ways to use Generative AI – ChatGPT for PowerPoint Presentation Design

For some time, the topic of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT application has been igniting the imagination, stimulating minds and is a great topic for conversations. Recently, during the training, someone asked how we can use modern AI achievements in presentations. I decided to write a little about what can help us, where so far it does not give advice and what traps you can fall into using Chat GPT.


How to Make Coronavirus Info Materials in PowerPoint

You may be watching this disease development day to day, as I do. I am trying to extract facts and evaluate dangers considering my family and business. I see over various media that proper explaining the facts is so important especially now. It helps people react appropriately, it helps not to overlook what’s the important.

Therefore I’d like to share a few tips on preparing clear information materials about Covid-19 disease, be it leaflet, banner or presentation of company actions. All made using only PowerPoint. See examples below.