How to design the structure of a presentation [PowerPoint Q&A]

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A frequent question people ask is how to organize slides in a presentation, how to apply good structure.

To be short and simple, I’d suggest to use the standard three parts “hamburger” approach but enrich it with proper use of visual slides.

The three presentation parts and their purpose are:

  1. Opening with purpose to get attention – each presentation should have a proper opening part: Title slide, Opening Question, Agenda.
  2. Body of your presentation that is here to explain your message – your presentation content split into various points. Start with audience benefits, not with features and details.
  3. Closing with clear call to action – summary slide, contact, final remark and telling what to do next.

Use the power of structure slides for each part – see slide examples in this Using Presentation Structure Slides article.

Another less typical presentation structures you can to consider would be 4MAT technique with addressing four key questionsof presentation audience

  • Why to listen
  • What it’s about
  • How it works
  • What if I’m interested

More explanations can be found in the blog “Evaluating presentation structure with 4MAT method“.

If you want to dig deeper into presentation structure topics, check those books:

  • Nancy Duarte – Resonate
  • Made to Stick – Heath brothers

Good luck with your next speech.

If you have any slide design related question, share in comments or contact me directly, I’d love to help.

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