How to get colleagues to create visually interesting presentation slides [PowerPoint Q&A]

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Recently a client asked us this question. It’s damn good question, especially if you work on joint project, in a team, where success depends on overall performance of the group.

To help your team mates to make visual presentation slides I recommend those three steps:

1. Motivate your peers by sharing examples

Explain that visual slides are much more effective in passing the content.

Show examples of both presentation types. See some such slides examples below.

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SMART goals checklist slide creative redesign PowerPoint prezentio

You can also motivate by showing them how to do some of those redesigns:

2. Provide tools to start with – a slide deck,

Build a visual slide deck – collection of visual slides they can reuse, so they don’t need to start always from scratch. This is a big timesaver.

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Slide deck example

Check this article “How to speed up work with PowerPoint with free slides library” on how to build such slide library.

3. Give them know-how materials

There are some awesome books worth to give out, about art of slide design or visual thinking in general.

I recommend buying your colleages one of those books:

  • Dan Roam – On the Back of the Napkin
  • Garr Reynolds – Presentation Zen
  • Gene Zelazny – Say it with a Charts.

Or send them to a visual thinking training, Dan Roam having an interesting online Academy ( or there is one interesting on Sketchnoting technique .

Of course, you can consider also getting our Slide Design course that includes elements of visual thinking, in context of slide making.

Hope that gives you some ideas for start.

PS. If you have any slide design related question, share in comments or contact me directly, I’d love to help.

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