How to Make Presentation Creative and Unique [PowerPointer’s Q&A]

Hey 🙂 We’re continuing our Questions and Answers series and today I’d like to share simple tricks on how to stay creative with your presentations without putting much effort into it.

Everybody wants to create a unique and outstanding presentation, right? 🙂 Here are two tricks I’d suggest you try:

1. Take time to think about how you can present your text as visuals

Give yourself time to realize what pictures to add, which will look better considering your content. Another simple trick is to use shapes with text instead of bullet points. Here’s a bonus for you: discover three creative list presentation ideas.

To get more creative I’d recommend those four steps:

  • Put computer away
  • Stay simple, declutter
  • Use a graphical style associated with creativity
  • Look around for inspiration

Check also 5 inspirational ideas to change your presentation into creative powerful slides: Do your slides need energy boosting?

2. Use a non-default style to be unique

Remember gradient style is obsolete, flat is modern but omnipresent. I’d go for a unique hand-drawn style (check our Pinterest).

If you’re trying to keep up with trends, I’d recommend taking a look at outline graphics. Here’s how nicely you can illustrate a chart or diagram and make your information visual:

non-default style slides PowerPoint

Even if you think you’re not creative at all, try small things. Another good idea is to look for inspiration (if you have time of course). I’d recommend talks or as sources of cool inspirational presentations.

If you want to learn more about how to be creative and original while creating presentations, check out this blog.

Leave your presentation or slide design question in the comments or contact me directly, I’d love to share my tips.